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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

In Progress

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New River, AZ

adriaan mol

Project Title: Unpainted Nebraska 4 pack (qty 3 - 12 sf total)

Status: Complete

Ship Date: 8-30

8-22-19: Thank you for stopping by the Reverb listing. Your project will be underway soon. Stay tuned for updates and pic as it progresses.

FYI: In the meantime, you will see a tracking number in the transaction details. This will be from pre-printed labels due to the time limit within the transaction. It will show as not sent until they are actually sent.

8-26-19: Nothing to see yet but BION your project is under-way. Next week the focus is on your project. Pics soon.

8-27-19: Things are taking shape. Just a bit more to do. Then the hanging cleats…. then BAM ship time! Shooting for Fri (before the Hurricane comes….ugh).

8-28-19: And the beat goes on…more layer and final glue stage. Tomorrow it should be wrapped up and sent out on Fri. Gotta push it due to the Hurricane on track. Expect shipping delays therefore. Glad you like it so far BTW..

8-29-19: Good News! Your project is ready to ship! It will be dropped off tomorrow with Fed Ex just in time for the Hurricane party! Because of that, expect a delay upon delivery (possibly). Please see the numbers on the back for suggested layout. Refer to the grid pic below for the strategy.

Cheers! and please send in pics of the installed piece.