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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

How to Install


The panels hang via a wooden Cleat (also called Z Clip).  The cleat system consists of two pieces of wood cut at 45 degree angles.  One piece (the top cleat) is attached to the panel.  The other (bottom cleat) gets attached to a wall.  Just slide the two cleats together (one on top of the other) at the angled sides and you are done.  A basic drawing of the concept is below.  

Drawing for cleat system.

Each order includes:

  • 6" wall cleats
    • one installed on panel
    • one for the wall
  • An easy to use hanging template for each model.
  • Hanging template instructions

 Below: A few basic drawings of common shaped panels and templates.


Need a Step-By-Step How-To?

Need a Step-By-Step How-To?