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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

Winter Park, FL

In Progress

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Winter Park, FL

adriaan mol

Project Title: The Grey Wall - 4 panels @ 18” x 36” to fill a 3’ x 6’ area = 18 square feet.

Status: Complete

Install Date: 8-27-19

6-22-19: Thank you stopping in. Your project is in sample mode as we discussed. It will be a pleasure to be a part of your Listen Room. What a treat to be working locally.

6-30-19: Here is a look at few pieces in the works. These are 18” x 18” sample in two forms with threes finish options. The back absorption panel is a nice accent.

7-12-18: Good meeting with you guys the other day. Glad we are onto the next phase. Which will be something in this range with a gray wash.

7-26-19: The stain samples are pretty much ready. Looking forward to the meeting on Tues. There are a several to choose from. Here is a pic to sort of tell the story before hand.

7-30-19: It was nice meeting you guys this evening. I think we are on to something with the tie-in finish technique. Please see the additional pic of the panels in raw state for the layout of 3” x 6” plus gap (4 panels @ 18” x 36”).

7-31-18: Let the staining begin!

8-6-19: Not much to see yet. Looks like another week will do it. The stain is taking nicely and is very stinky.

8-13-19: And the staining and other sound hole thing beat goes on… Wow! That;s a lot of pieces….

8-14-19: More stain please….

8-19-19: And the stain continues…as well as some absorption boxes.

8-26-19: Good news! We are on track for the installation on Monday the 26th. See you then. Here are some pics of how they turned out with the test run installation at the shop with 6” spaces in between.

8-26-19: The installation went well and the room sounded good. 4 diffuser/baffle panels stained to match existing cabinetry done! Bam! Thank you and cheers to happy customers.