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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

Toronto, ON

In Progress

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Toronto, ON

adriaan mol

Project Title: Painted Saskatoon 

Status: Complete

Ship Date: 10-30-17

6-26-17: Thank you for the tree limb request. As well as, the return patronage.  This will be both challenging and interesting. We are now in the R&D Stage.  Let's see what happens. 

Here a few pics of one panel bare.  It will be painted white tomorrow.  More should be made to see how they line up with another (with the square edge).  

Size: 12" x 12" x 3''

6-27-17: Another panels has been made to check the square edging.  It has a positive result. There doesn't seem to be a super detectable difference between the square edge and the round branches as they blend together.  This pic show two different branches (see value difference).

Paint testing has also been done in the requested White.  These pics show two different paints.

Panel A: shows a lighter coat the leaves a contrast in the bark and end grain.

Panel B: Uses a heavier coat of paint.  The look is more opaque.  It can be distressed if need be.  It all depends what you preffer.

9-28-17: Three samples in Matte White.  Raking mood lighting really blends things together.

10-2-17: And they're off! The samples have been sent via Fed Ex.  Please see the emailed updates.  

10-5-17: Just for the heck of it, let's try another sample.  This one has more of a mix of all the pieces.  Was curious...

10-11-17: And we're off and up and running! The project will be taking shape soon.  Stay tuned for updates.

10-13-17: Here are two new samples as per the last direction of the look of the panels (sans paint).

 The 2'x2' panels have about as much texture as possible with the use of the bark.  As well as, varied heights and diameters.

The 1'x1' panels are the same. Along with sprinkles of the other smoother bark limbs.  Take a look, and if it is good.  BAM! There will be more.

10-17-17: Things are rolling smoothly.  15 of the 1x1's are pretty much done. 2 of the 2x2's are in the ballpark as well.  Here are pics of the 15 1x1's set up.

10-24-17: Limbs have been attached to all of the panels (wheew! that's a lot of branches).  Next step is to paint with a FR treatment (Break Through Scenic White).  Then assemble the hanging cleats, to coat, and pack and ship.  Looks like ship day is Monday the 30th (for at least a first batch).   More updates as the glue dries.  

10-26-17: At this point it's all about paint and dry time.  FR product has been purchased and will be added to the top coat. At the moment it is still the Primer Stage.

Thank you for everything!  Enjoy!