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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

Round Rock, TX

In Progress

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Round Rock, TX

adriaan mol

Project Title: Unpainted Nebraska 4 Pack x 6 = 24 square feet

Status: Complete

Ship Date: 1-7-19

12-16-19: Tank you for stopping by the Reverb store. Your project will be underway shortly. It will ship early next week if not sooner. Stay tuned for updates.

12-17-18: And the journey begins. 12 are up and running In Progress.

12-19-18: 12 are gluing up at Stage 1. Up next, either finish these off to send, or move on the the next 12.

12-28-18: And the beat goes on… with another 12 underway. They should be ready to roll after the 2nd. Cheers!

1-2-19: HNY! Thank you for waiting. Your project is still In Progress. Looks like it will be ready to ship out Fri or Sat. Stay tuned for pic updates. Cheers!

1-3-19: 12 SF are ready to ship (half project). The other half will be up next. Followed by a lot of packing. Looks like it will be about 4 BIG boxes. Monday is the earliest they can ship all together. Thank you for waiting patiently through the Holidays (running a little behind).

1-6-19: Good news! Your project is complete. It is packed and will ship on Monday via Fed Ex. Look for tracking soon.