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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

Tampa, FL

In Progress

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Tampa, FL

adriaan mol

Project Title: Unpainted Nebraska Murals

Status: Complete

Ship Date: 12-4-17

3-31-17: Thank you for the return patronage and congratulations on the new location.  Your project is now in progress.  Although, there is not much to look at yet.  There will be soon, stay tuned.

4-3-17: And away we go! Your project is on the bench.  It still isn't much to look at yet.  However, it will make sense soon.

4-4-17: Might have to change this site's name to Tinkering City.   Just making a making a layout that works. One bit at a time (like a Rubik's Cube).  More soon.

4-11-17: Looks like the project will be finished by the end of the week.  Now would be a good time to think about a good delivery date.

4-13-17: Still chopping away! Should be done soon.  

4-14-17: Just about done!.  Just have to do a few finishing touches and we're ready to roll!.  More pics soon.

4-17-17: And they are ready to be delivered!  Project complete!  Just pick a time.

9-23-17: Glad to have ya back.  Your project is underway.

9-26-17: And they are almost done.  Just a few more tweeks and then BAM! It's ship time.


10-2-17: And they're off! Thank you for the return business.  Break a leg with the new Carrolwood location.  

12-3-17:  Thanks for stopping back.  The additional panels are coming along.  Looks like they will ship ASAP.