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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

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Hoffman Estates, IL

adriaan mol

Project Title: Unpainted Nebraska 4 Pack

Status: Complete

Ship Date: 8-10-19

12-23-18: Thank you for stopping by the Reverb listing. Your project will be up on the bench soon. Stay tuned.

12-27-18: Good News! Your project is just about done. Just have to let the glue dry and do a few other things. Looks like it will ship on Tues the 2nd via Fed Ex. In the meantime, please see the pre-printed Tracking info on Reverb. More soon.

Write here…

1-2-18: HNY! Thank you for waiting through the Holidays. Your project is packed and will ship out tomorrow. Cheers!

8-3-19: Welcome back! Nice to see a familiar name in the inbox. Your project will be underway next week. Stay tuned!

8-6-19: Not much to see yet. However, sometime soon this pile of wood strips will be crafted into something special BION.

8-9-18: And the beat goes on. Let’s let this batch glue up like the rest. They are based on the same scheme as before but are their own thing. That said, an idea might be to mix the 8 up all together if need be. They are members of same family but to each their own.

8-10-19: Good news! Your project is just about done and will ship on Monday. See the last pics in the gallery above. Thanks again!