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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

In Progress

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Boston, MA

adriaan mol

Project Title: Stained Nebraska, Bloomington, and Berlin

Status:  In Progress

Estimated ship date: TBD

7-19-16 Good news!  Your project is on the bench!  More info soon as the glue dries.

7-24-16 You've got Bloomingtons!  As well as stain sample tomorrow.  

7-25-16 We have stain.  A nice custom blend of Deep Purple.  Here it is during the first coat stage. It will settle a little darker than this.  

 Also, the Berlin panels are built and up next for staining.

7-26-16 The project has been stained.  Just have to do the finishing touches and pack them up for shipping.  Looks like they will ship by the end of the week.

7-29-16 The project has shipped as of 7-28-16.  Please see email notification for tracking information. Here is a sneak peek at what they look like.  Thank you!