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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

Boynton Beach, FL

In Progress

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Boynton Beach, FL

adriaan mol

Project Title: Unpainted Willowdale and more!

Status: Completed

Ship Date: 6-14-17

4-26-17: Good News!  Your project is In Progress.  Not much to see yet. However, tomorrow is another day.  Looks like the project will ship by the end of the week. 

4-27-17: And we're off! the panels are taking shape.

4-28-17: You've some budding Berlin panels.  Just have to do some final touches and then it's time to ship.

5-1-17: And the build is done! Now to pack and then to ship it.  Please see tracking info soon.  

5-9-17:  Thanks for the return business.  Your project is underway! Looks like it will be on Friday.

Diffuser city's Berlin and Willowdale combo

5-11-17: Good News! The next part of your project has taken shape.  The panels will ship in the AM. 

5-20-18: Welcome back! The PA panels will be in the works soon.  Shooting for an end of the week ship.  Thanks

5-23-17: Good News! The PA panels are on the bench.  The frames are done.  Just got to fill the field now.  Still on Schedule for a Friday ship.

5-24-17: The PA panels are pretty much done.  Just got to let the glue dry and do some final touches.  Here is a sneak (blurry) peek...

5-25-17: Good News!  The PA panels are ready to ship.  They will go out on Friday.

5-31-17: Thanks for the return business.  The next part of the journey will begin soon.  Stay tuned for updates.

6-1-17: And the Train keeps a-rollin' (like the Aerosmith song goes).  The prep of the Willowdale and Asheville panels are underway.  Not much to see yet.  Looks like they will ship early next week.

6-5-17: Despite a lone gunman on a shooting spree only a few blocks away, the Diffusion has to be made.  As it has been!  Your project is still somewhat on target to ship out tomorrow.  Just have to apply the cleats and pack them up.  More pics tomorrow...

6-7-17: Good News! Your project has shipped!Thank you!

6-9-17: Welcome back! Your project will be placed in the works on Tuesday.  It should take a few days.  Shooting for a ship date of Thursday (if not Wednesday). So you receive them this by Friday.  Pics later...

6-13-17: The next batch of panels are moving along smoothly.  Looks like they might even ship tomorrow eve.

6-14-17: Good News! The panels are on the way!