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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

Atlanta, GA

In Progress

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Atlanta, GA

adriaan mol

Project Title: a mix of many

Status: Complete

Ship Date: 5-20-18

5-8-18: (AM) The project is in prep mode (as of 5-7).  Nothing to see as of now.  However, take a peek later in the day and there might be something worthwhile. 

(PM) Here are a few pics.  The Racine, Asheville, and Bloomington are coming along.  Looks like the Montreal panels will follow tomorrow.  Stay tuned...

5-9-18: A few more, right on schedule.

5-10-18: Groups A and B are basically complete.  Now would be a good time to think over if they need a finish or not.  The Georgia panels are next. Stay tuned.

5-11-18: we have Georgia panels! 

5-14-18: And the staining process begins! Here are a few pics of the first day.  The hue used was a mix of Col. Maple and Cherry.  It has been interesting to see the hues develop from the various species. It can always go darker if need be, or we can see how it actually looks tomorrow.  Who knows, they may need some touch ups? Also, consider the clear coat bring in the bling of each hue.  Then how each grouping looks side by side.....and so on. More tomorrow.

5-15-18: Here you go a couple of pics of the 3 groups together.  I retrospect there should be a solo pic of just the Monreal panels to show the variation of hues in the stain.  Trust me two are on the light side. One is medium and the other heavier. 

The pic with the pencil pointing is a thin coat of wash on the Seafoam area.  Result being that the wash did not kill the color.  It just knocked it back a little.  Also, it looks like cutting in or masking few spots is an option.  So if you'd like to go for a Stain after all just let me know and I'll send an invoice.

The last pic is them all mixed for a mind blowing experience.  LOL

5-16-18: A little bit of top coat has been added to Bloomington and the Racine.  Here are a few pics of the outcome (some in hard light, some in diffused).  Let me know what you think.  

5-17-18: The clear coating has begun! Good thing we gave it a few days to dry and gas off, it's been a rainy day.  They are looking good!  Here are a few pics of the process.

5-19-18: Still in the Clear Coat mode (thirsty wood). Another coat has been applied.  The Stain is popping and rich.  

5-19-18: They are packed and loaded up for shipping! Look for a tracking number via Fed Ex soon.  Looks like they will be there in a jiffy.  Enjoy! and send in pic if you can...pretty please!?

5-28-18: Thanks for sending in pics.  Here is a little before and after gallery. Cheers!