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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

Austin, TX, 78752

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Austin, TX, 78752

adriaan mol

Project Title: Volanis and Winterfell (4 Corners)

Status: Complete

Ship Date: 4-8-19

2-21-19: Hello and welcome back! Nice to see a familiar name on the list. Your project will get a clean up and prep soon. Looks like mid-next week for ship. Stay tuned.

2-25-19: Moving along slowly but moving along nonetheless. Been doin’ lots of gluin’. Nothing to see yet but making progress.

2-27-19: Things are moving along smoothly. The Winterfell panels are born and gluing up. Just playing with some arrangement ideas here while they dry. Then paint and the rest.

3-2-19: And the beat goes on!.. We’ve got paint! As, well as stink! Let’s let those guys “gas off” (too stinky). Looks like they will ship a little later therefore. It is for the better.

3-4-19: We’re getting closer! Still very stinky and gassy. Looks close to ship time though.

3-7-18: And there it is! Bam! Another job done! Look for it soon and please send pics of the finished installation. Cheers!