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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

In Progress

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Brooklyn, NY (via Denver, CO)

adriaan mol

Project Title: Unpainted Polynesian, Unpainted Oklahoma, and Unpainted Montana

Status: Complete

Ship Date: 2-22-17

1-25-17: Good News!  Your project has been given the once over and clear coated.  Just giving it a few extra hours to gas off (PU).  It is set to ship later today.  Thank you!

1-25-17: And they're off!  Thank you for stopping by Diffuser City.

2-8-17: Thank you for the return business.  We'll keep this page open to keep an eye on progress, of the Montana project.  As of now, you are next on the list.  Looks like it will start early next week.  

2-16-17: Thank yo for waiting. The Montana is in the works.  Just a little while longer till it's "ship time".  Will keep you posted.

2-17-17: Things are coming right along.  Looks like the project should complete early next week and be sent out ASAP.

2-19-17: Good News! The project is ready to ship.  It will be packed in the AM and sent out via Fed Ex ASAP.  Thank you for being patient. Please see plans of how to assemble the project soon.  Also, it is a little bigger than The Montana 1.  The measurements are roughly 51" x 48" x 6" with a weight of about 40 lbs (so look for the appropriate anchors).  

2-21-17: Even better news!  You should see the tracking info in your email.  You'll be getting a Motley Crew of boxes in a few days.  For now, here is the lowdown on how to assemble this beast.  

As you see, adjoining lines are color coded.  All bolts screw into the main center panel (via insert nuts). I have shown longer bolts here to illustrate (FYI).  All arrows should be up on the panels.  You'll need a phillips head screwdriver. The piece mounts on one single cleat.  Let me know if you have any ?s.