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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

In Progress

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Florence, SC

adriaan mol


Update: 5/16/16 : Your project is on the rotisserie.  One block at a time.  Lots of math to this one.  Still figuring out the logo-ish area.  The rustic pigs are on the way (in the mail).  They should be a hit.  Lots of Oak and Cherry in this one.  More pics through the week.  Looks like the panels will ship early to mid next week.  

Stay tuned....

Update 5/18/16 :  We've got pigs! - We've got checker boards.  We're gettin' there.


Update 5/21/16 : We've got 4 panels established.  Just have to work on the pigs (beat then up and distress them) two left two right.  Them apply other finishing touches.  I might throw a clear coat of lacquer on them for you.  They are bigger than I thought they would be.  They are heavier that I thought they would be too (approx 50 lbs each). Approx height is 6" FYI.

Update: 5/28/16 : We've got two of the four shipped via Fed Ex yesterday (5/27/16).  The other two will ship on Tuesday (5/31/16).  So it's a true "Two For Tuesday" I guess. (radio humor LOL cough, cough).  The boxes are huge.  They have mini lightweight crates inside to protect the pieces.  Lots of screws to take out.  You will need a screw gun with a philips bit.  Also, included are some Tapcon screws that might work for the brick wall install.  Afterthought, the screw send might be a little short.  Will look around for some longer.  If not it's time to make friends with the friendly Ace Hardware man.

Update: 6/13/16 : Thank you for the pics of the completed installation.  The restaurant looks great!  Glad you like the diffusers and are happy with the results.  Bye bye Echo!