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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

In Progress

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Beverly Hills, FL

adriaan mol

Project underway

5/28/16  Good news! Your project is on the bench.  The Arizona panels are coming along just fine.  Will keep you posted for more updates.

Project almost complete

6/3/16 We've got panels!  All 12 Arizona panels are built and in the finishing stages.  A fresh coat of black has been distressed and is gassing off (PU).  The other Helsinki diamonds and hexagons are being touched up.  While the little 6"x6" is freshly birthed.  Looks like your ready to ship Monday or Tuesday.  More pics later...

Project Installed

6/9/16 Thanks for the pics!  It looks like the installation went well.  Great layout and decor.