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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

In Progress

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Lake Nona, FL

adriaan mol

Project Title: Restaurant Decor City

Status: In Progress

2-01-17: Why stop at diffusion for your restaurant decor needs?  The Custom Shop can do a whole lot more than sound and art.  Plus it's a nice way to blend the look of the place.  Thanks for stopping by this will be fun.

2-05-17: You've got Chalkboard Menu Boards!  

2-10:17: You've got another even bigger Chalkboard.

2-13-17: Menu Boxes In Progress


2-14-17: You've got Menu Boxes!

2-27-17: The tables are in the works.  Lot's of glue up on the reclaimed legs.  More updates as the glue dries...

reclaimed wood leg glue up

3-11-17: Good News! Your tables are ready.  This pic shows then "almost done" like a rare Steak (pun intended).  Please send in pics of these after the Copper Tops are placed and the wood is finished.  The project was lots of fun!

3-30-17: Good News!  The Pig shaped chalkboards are ready to move .  Cheers to a new Pig Floyd's location.

5-5-17: Thank you for the Chalkboard projects.  They certainly have been fun!  Looking forward to the tables on the exterior.