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Built-to-order artistic sound diffusion panels made from reclaimed wood.  

Unpainted Series

Until now you most likely have heard of the QRD and MLS diffuser models.  Diffuser City utilizes it's own creation, a version of the two called the RPM (random placement method).  Most models measure 12″ x 12″ (a square foot).

Every panel at Diffuser City is made from reclaimed or scrap lumber.  Each model is designed to hang via the wall cleat bracket system (also called a Z clip).  An easy to use template with instructions is included with each model.  

The 12” x 12” panel measurements lend themselves to be interchangeable with each model.  So whether it is an “Unpainted Arizona” matched with an “Unpainted Berlin” both will match up square. Like tile on a floor or a patchwork quilt.

UPDATE: Originally Diffuser City offered the panels unpainted, hence the name "Unpainted Series".  That is to say they are ready for the Finish or your liking. Most just go with it as-is.  Some like a finished piece.  Diffuser City now offers clear, worn paint, or stain finishes.  Just let us know which colors you prefer at check out.

Custom sizes are also an option.  Just ask.


Unpainted Minnesota


Unpainted Minnesota

from 39.99

Please welcome the newest design to the bunch the "Minnesota Slats".  It a MLS type version of the equal lateral triangle Unpainted Dells.  It share the same slat concept of the Unpainted Berlin as well.  The design is very 70's, folk arty, and fun.  

Note: There will be a checkbox at checkout to pick your choice of Clear, Paint, or Stain Finish.

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